1. What courses do you have? / How can you learn English?

We have English language as well as all of the test preparation programs. The lessons are conducted both, individually and in groups.

2. What age may be willing to start learning? / What is the age of the beginning?

Beginning of the academic within 4 years of age. There is no upper age limit for us.

3. What kind of classes do you have?

We are going to teach, both in groups and individually.

Group lessons, there are two types of offerings: open and closed groups. Open Group means that you have to adapt to the other members of the chart and the requirements of the closed group, you can not control the schedule, training program, may be required to submit additional academic issues (eg, discuss the future of work, etc.), groups of classes of week 2 - Day 3 - does the daily work of the course and the program. Individual case studies, you can determine the intensity of your chart and lessons learned, however, require that designated classes are not missed. Also keep in mind that the whole course fits your individual requirements and needs. Also, you may need to submit additional academic issues (eg, consider the work to be performed, etc.)

All three types of courses will be given free textbooks and supplementary literature.

4. How should I take placement test?

5. Do you have individual courses?

Yes, We have. 

6. What kind of literature and teaching materials do you use?

We use the teaching resources according to the selected course and the aims of the students. We often combine different coursebooks and additional materials to better achieve the course goals. When needed our teachers often create the necessary materials themselves which adds even greater efficiency to the courses.

7. Can I buy your teaching materials?

Usually we don't sell our materials. But, you can enquire about it and explain why you want to do this. Maybe we will be able to help you.


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    Ready to conquer the SAT and unlock your dream college? Join our intensive SAT Prep Course for a personalized, results-driven ...more
    • 16
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    Ready to conquer the SAT and unlock your dream college? Join our intensive SAT Prep Course for a personalized, results-driven ...more

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