Professional Writing

General Information About Professional Writing Course:

This course is aimed towards those who have contact with international colleagues or clients and who need to be able to write clear and accurate English in a variety of work-related contexts.  This is a practical course in which participants are expected to bring their own real-life experience to the classroom.

Since May 2001, the Professional Writing course has been successfully conducted for both our corporate clients such as the United States Agency for International Development, the United Methodist Committee On Relief, the International Committee of the Red Cross, World Learning, the Sheraton Metechi Palace Hotel, Georgia Health and Social Projects Implementation Center (Ministry of Health-World Bank), The Urban Institute, and the Eurasia Foundation CRRC-Georgia, and for our public students.

We can offer Professional Speaking & Writing Course as well.

Course Outline:

Topics include:

  • Formats
  • Audience and purpose
  • Style
  • Register

Objectives include:

  • Maintaining clarity of expression
  • Explaining cause and effect relationships
  • Making recommendations
  • Analyzing data and drawing conclusions
  • Differentiating degrees of certainty
  • Using tables and diagrams

Tasks include:

  • Writing business letters
  • Conducting a survey and reporting the findings
  • Reporting on a field- or job-related problem and its possible solutions
  • Writing an incident report

Enroll Online:

Before starting the course applicants must take diagnostic test, which identifies their level of English Language and gives us ability to select optimal program for you. 

You can enroll and take the test online here:


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    • 16
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